Our Leaders

We are blessed to be chosen by God to lead the summer mission's team to New Zealand. It has been a prayer of ours to lead teams of young people serve the Lord across our nation and around the world.

Sam, a native of New Zealand, is currently serving the Lord as an adjunct faculty member at Pensacola Christian College, teaching both Greek and New Testament Survey classes in the Bible department, while concurrently pastoring his church family at Cloverleaf Baptist Church in Mobile, Alabama.

Rachel, a native of. . .yeah, not a cool place like New Zealand, enjoyed teaching elementary school at Pensacola Christian Academy for five years before joining the college faculty in the education department several years ago. She also enjoys serving the Lord with her church family in Mobile, Alabama.

Sam and Rachel have traveled to nearly a dozen different countries throughout their lives, have assisted in leading other YOM missions teams, and are eager to lead this summer's mission team to New Zealand.

Your Team Leaders,

Sam & Rachel Sinclair